"We worked with the fabulous Alex Delano on our logo design. If you need a patient, flexible, and inspired creative, Alex is the one for you."
"You were super easy and awesome to work with on this!"
"I love where we have come with the designs. They are beautiful, tell a cohesive story and on top of it all the analytical performance has grown along side it all. You’ve done a wonderful job helping us get to this place. Thank you for everything!"
"Alex, look! It's beautiful and crisp. Thank you so much for your patience and expertise in making this look just right."
"We got a good thing going. You take my weird/rough ideas, understand them perfectly, then execute beautifully. It's amazing. I hope you're down for much more collaboration. I cannot wait for the ... rebrand."
"Thank you so much that is spot on. Gonna look perfect on my website! Can't wait to put this on a sticker and slap it everywhere."
"That looks absolutely amazing, so happy that you decided to work with me. Couldn't be more grateful, seriously thank you!!!"
"It can't be said enough how much of an absolute pleasure it was to work with you, Alex! Every detail is methodical, all of your ideas were out of the box and right on target every time. Thank you so much!"
"There were recently some pieces of art we could choose...and I immediately loved this. My heart exploded when I realized it was your work. It makes me so happy..."
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